BROLUX by Broughtons, Leicestershire, England


BROLUX by Broughtons - real Bekelite door furniture carefully modelled on the original PERMAX designs from the 1930's. Permax was the brand who registered the design and subsequently patented it as it was considered very special and unique. (Patents expire after 20 years and a Registered Design: 25 years). The door knobs and handles very cleverly do not require traditional grub screws for the spindle. In addition, a more precise fit of the knobs or handles against the back-plate is achieved.  Permax was the Rolls Royce of Bakelite door furniture.

The backplate size is 204mm x 64mm

Today: Permax = BROLUX.  We look forward and welcome any enquiry.

These beautiful door handles and knobs are now available in Walnut and Black from